Munir & Jannah | The Solemnisation

The Wedding of Munir & Jannah

Munir & Jannah have been an awesome, awesome, awesome couple to photograph. They contacted us two months before their solemnisation day which was supposed to be held next year. They asked me if they are able to push forward their special day which we gladly said yes. Of course we would like our couples to tie the knot! They are in love! Nothing gets in the way of love, right? 

It was just a simple affair between two families. The day started off meeting them at their hotel room for their preparations and the moment we met, we clicked. We started laughing at even the slightest moments which sets the mood for great photos! 


Their solemnisation was set at Masjid Sultan at Bussorah Street, Singapore. Nothing is better than to be solemnised at the House of God under His Grace. Everything went smooth and smiles were arched from both sides. 

Once again, congratulations to Munir & Jannah! We will meet again next year for your reception!