Tse Xiong & Zalifah Save The Date

When I first met Tse Xiong & Zalifah, I can sense a special chemistry between them. Tse Xiong, from the name itself, is your typical ethnic Singaporean Chinese man where Zalifah, the obvious, is your typical ethnic Singaporean Malay lady. It is this kind of interracial relationship that makes us Singaporean even more special making us a literal mixing pot of multiracial society. Soon enough, our next generation will be interracial and this will make us even more colourful and hence the concept for them is "Colours". 

Thank you for being my sunshine and bringing colours to my life.
— Zalifah

During the preproduction stages, I requested the couple to write a short letter to each other. Personally, a letter brings more meaning to one's relationship. You pen down your most sincere feelings towards your partner and those words will mean the world to the other. What they didn't expect was they had to read it aloud to their partner and boy, it was an emotional one. 

To add an element of fun to the shoot, I planned for a colour powder shoot. I found the coloured powders at Spotlight and grab a bunch of them. Im glad it turned out to be a really fun shoot. They really went competitive trying to throw the powder at each other. 

I hope you like the series!



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