" East Meets West " - Destination Wedding Turkey.

Greetings Vanillas!

Recently, we flew all the way to Turkey for a wedding with one of our long term clients (The M's). How we met The M's was a very interesting story. The M contacted us via Bridestory, an online platform to find your wedding vendors and eventually, we were actually starting out in our first year. 

The M's contacted us directly and soon we are already arranging our shoots way back since 2015. The M's is an interesting couple, one is a Turkish and another a Chinese revert and they have already solemnised before contacted us. They were planning ahead to hold their weddings both in Singapore and in Turkey. To suit their request, we customised a package especially for them.

We did a small "engagement" shoot for them months ahead of their Singapore wedding that was held in December 2016 for them to share with their families back in Turkey and also for them to make their "Save The Date" collaterals.


As a Chinese bride, they still hold a traditional Chinese wedding where they still conduct their Gatecrash and Tea Ceremony followed by a lunch reception. As Mr M is not accustomed to such customs, it was a shock for him but he managed to successfully go through the games and punishment set up by the sisters.

After several months since the Singapore reception, the Turkish reception was held. We met first in Istanbul for a day of portraiture session. We avoid taking photos like bridal photography and rather approach it with a casual manner. We explored the Old City in the morning where the sun is at an angle and casting beautiful shadows (We managed to explore the city beforehand and recced a few amazing locations!), before heading off to the Asian side where there are more residences and street elements.

After a day in Istanbul with them, we flew to Isparta where their wedding reception will be held. A day before their reception we managed to go out to explore areas around Isparta such as the Lavender fields even though we missed the full bloom by a few weeks and also to Egirdir lake where surprisingly is a popular area for Turkish photographers.

The wedding is simple affair where they set up tents to hold guests for their feast while being fed with Turkish dishes and entertained by Illahi or what we local call, Qasidah. The dishes were prepared by neighbours so much like how we will call "Kampung spirit". The evening was when they went through the process of Turkish solemnisation and being blessed by the district's Mufti.

In all, it has been an amazing experience for a Singaporean photographer to be able to be part of a foreign wedding! We always look forward to being part of your journey! 


Love, T

Munir & Jannah | The Solemnisation

The Wedding of Munir & Jannah

Munir & Jannah have been an awesome, awesome, awesome couple to photograph. They contacted us two months before their solemnisation day which was supposed to be held next year. They asked me if they are able to push forward their special day which we gladly said yes. Of course we would like our couples to tie the knot! They are in love! Nothing gets in the way of love, right? 

It was just a simple affair between two families. The day started off meeting them at their hotel room for their preparations and the moment we met, we clicked. We started laughing at even the slightest moments which sets the mood for great photos! 


Their solemnisation was set at Masjid Sultan at Bussorah Street, Singapore. Nothing is better than to be solemnised at the House of God under His Grace. Everything went smooth and smiles were arched from both sides. 

Once again, congratulations to Munir & Jannah! We will meet again next year for your reception!


Tse Xiong & Zalifah Save The Date

When I first met Tse Xiong & Zalifah, I can sense a special chemistry between them. Tse Xiong, from the name itself, is your typical ethnic Singaporean Chinese man where Zalifah, the obvious, is your typical ethnic Singaporean Malay lady. It is this kind of interracial relationship that makes us Singaporean even more special making us a literal mixing pot of multiracial society. Soon enough, our next generation will be interracial and this will make us even more colourful and hence the concept for them is "Colours". 

Thank you for being my sunshine and bringing colours to my life.
— Zalifah

During the preproduction stages, I requested the couple to write a short letter to each other. Personally, a letter brings more meaning to one's relationship. You pen down your most sincere feelings towards your partner and those words will mean the world to the other. What they didn't expect was they had to read it aloud to their partner and boy, it was an emotional one. 

To add an element of fun to the shoot, I planned for a colour powder shoot. I found the coloured powders at Spotlight and grab a bunch of them. Im glad it turned out to be a really fun shoot. They really went competitive trying to throw the powder at each other. 

I hope you like the series!



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